Cut the Cake! And Other Memorable Cake Traditions

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Your wedding cake is one of the most important components of your special day, whether you've been dreaming of it for years or you're new to the world of cake planning. Cutting the cake is one of the first things you'll do together as a married couple, making it a cherished memory for years to come. Couples typically cut a small piece of the cake together before leaving the rest to the caterer. If you're looking for a unique photo opportunity, consider feeding each other a bite of cake or even smooshing a bit in each other's faces (but make sure to discuss this with your partner beforehand!).

Excited bride with wedding cake  | Thunder Bay

At The Countryside Cakery, we love capturing the look on our customers' faces when they see their wedding cake come to life. It's a truly magical moment! And once the cake is cut and the festivities are over, many couples choose to save a piece of cake or the top tier to enjoy later. Freezing the top tier to enjoy on your first anniversary is a longstanding tradition that's said to bring good luck, but we've also had couples save it to enjoy with their immediate family or blended families in a more private setting the day after the wedding. Let us help bring your wedding cake dreams to life in Thunder Bay!

Cutting your wedding cake