Welcome to The Countryside

I believe that baking is a universal language – one that brings us together, encourages joy, and leaves us with memories for years to come. From the seasonal ingredients to the pleasing aesthetics inspired by stories of community - there’s a sense of warmth, welcome and absolute delight. I would adore creating a custom bake that resonates with you.

I’ve always felt a creative calling and spent some time learning pottery, ceramics, makeup artistry - all of which eventually led me to my true love of cake design. Ok, it’s evolved into a little more than cakes now! The Countryside Cakery was inspired by the idyllic countryside, the changing of seasons, and my love for supporting local businesses. I have the privilege of creating and connecting with others simply by doing what I love.

Everything I bake is from scratch - with a focus on fresh, local ingredients and absolutely nothing artificial. This is why our baked goods are so rich, so indulgent, and so dang good. My philosophy is deeply focused on community and providing exceptional customer service. Baking is more than my passion and more than my business - it’s a way for you to create meaningful memories with the people who matter most. With that in mind, I will bring the best in art and taste to your special event.

Above all, I want you to be obsessed with every bite.

Limited availability in 2023 & booking into 2024 | Book your event today!