Don’t Know What You Want? | Countryside Cakery Thunder Bay

We understand - the world of weddings and wedding bakes can be pretty overwhelming.  We are here to help!


An experienced cake artist can help educate you and provide suitable recommendations.   However, it doesn’t hurt to approach your consultation with some criteria or ideas,  and a basic understanding of wedding cakes. Exploring Pinterest and Instagram can help you envision and begin to formulate the language to communicate your vision for your bakes. 

Save pictures of wedding cakes that you like.  These images can be shared with your decorator so that they have a clear picture of your vision.  Pictures speak a thousand words!  Are you looking for a simple one tier cutting cake that would function to provide you with a small number of servings and an opportunity for cake cutting pictures?  Are you looking for a tall tiered wedding cake that you would serve to guests as dessert?    In ordering the cake, the cake decorator can advise on how many tiers would be required and the size of the tiers based on the number of servings you require.  Cake Layers are the actual layers of sponge that are inside each of the tiers. 

Don't know what you want? | Countryside Cakery

 Some cake artists provide a cake sketch to illustrate the construction of the cake layers or to illustrate the decor of the cake.  This can help couples visualize their custom cake.

Don't know what you want? | Countryside Cakery

Some couples prefer a clean white cake tier for the cake cutting. 

Are you looking for a tall tiered, glam work of art that elevates the wedding but you don’t need all the cake servings?  A covered cake dummy on the base of the cake or between the layers could help to create this show stopping effect.

Don't know what you want? | Countryside Cakery

More about Cake Design to follow in a later blog post.

Some brides go the extra mile to communicate their wedding cake vision through creating a vision board that they share with their cake decorator.  Experienced cake designers want to understand your vision in detail.


Custom cake toppers can customize your cake even more.  Toppers can be made with a message or small picture that is symbolic for you.  Toppers can be constructed out of acrylic or wood or you could order a glass topper with a husband and wife pictured as an example.

Evolution of Wedding Cakes | Countryside Cakery

You could take it a step further and have an artist handcraft a custom topper for you.  We have found that toppers with glitter or a lot of sparkle reflect light in pictures making it difficult to get nice clear photos.

Don't know what you want? | Countryside Cakery
Don't know what you want? | Countryside Cakery

Cake artistry has advanced leaps and bounds in recent years and while it can seem like an overwhelming amount of information to research and absorb, it also means that the world is your oyster when it comes to creating your dream wedding cake!!  Throw out the rule book and do what feels right to you and your partner!