Envisioning and Designing Your Dream Wedding Cake

Designing your wedding cake is arguably one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding!!

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Fruitcake covered in marzipan wedding cakes are a thing of the past!  Wedding cake design is truly an art form with significant opportunity for variation and self expression.  It is one of the aspects of your wedding that can be customized completely to your preferences.


Several cultures have traditions surrounding cake decor.  For example many Indian wedding cakes are tall and ornate with gold filigree, sequins and bold colours while many North American wedding cakes feature white buttercream and simple decor.

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Some couples like to tie the decor or the flavour of their wedding cake into the season that they are getting married in. Fall wedding cakes can be adorned with autumn coloured sugar leaves or could boast a cozy fall inspired cake flavour like caramel apple or chai.  Winter wedding cakes could sparkle like the snow and quite often feature rich emerald greens, deep burgundy, gold, silver and black accents.  Spring wedding cakes could be decorated in a pastel colour palette while Summer wedding cakes could be in full bloom with a Rainbow of colours and fresh seasonal florals. 

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We have coordinated wedding cakes based on the location of the couples wedding.  Is it a backyard garden surrounded with flowers in bloom with cake flowers to coordinate; a cozy wooded forest with a rustic looking naked cake and green vines sweeping across the cake; or a tropical beach location with lush tropical florals and a buttercream that can withstand the high heat and humidity? 

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The sky is the limit with regards to wedding cake decor! Is it more traditional with a piped buttercream cake, Modern with square shaped tiers and crystal decor or Rustic with Live Edge Stands and Rustic Buttercream Scallop.  Do you prefer a white on white decor or a more vibrant colour palette? 

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Are there elements of cake decor that you prefer? Do you like the appearance of a minimalist white buttercream with edible gold flake or do you like ornate sugar lace?  Do you like fresh cake florals or do you appreciate the artistry of sugar flowers?  Do you like the intricate piping of a Lambeth cake or do you prefer the ‘less is more’ variation of buttercream on a naked style cake?  Are there specific details that you would like - for example, a monogram, inclusion of a bridal charm or a nod to a special family member that has passed?


What cake do you enjoy savouring? One with lots of buttercream or one with rich chocolate ganache or one with unique elevated flavour pairings? Do you want a separate flavour for each tier to suit everyone or are there allergies or food sensitivities that need to be accommodated. For example, we offer naturally sweetened options such as banana cake.  Good wedding cakes should also taste yummy! Do you want unique luxury cake flavours paired with fillings and buttercream or would you rather a classic vanilla cake with white buttercream? Do you like the look of a smooth fondant covered cake but you don’t like the taste of fondant (this is quite common)?  A smooth buttercream covered cake may be the answer!  Many cake artists offer cake tastings to help couples sample different flavours. 

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The opportunities are endless in wedding cake design.  Cakes have been elevated to edible art status and can sometimes take days (or even weeks!) to create!  Designing a custom wedding cake that reflects your likes, values, culture and style can make this one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning your wedding.  Take your time to research, envision, contemplate and discuss ideas with your partner.

Wedding Cake | Countryside Cakery

Wedding Cake | Countryside Cakery